Services & Pricing

In Home Tech Support

I am always happy to come and meet you. Working with clients in the comfort of their own home is my favorite way to help. Present your tech problems and queries and we can work through them together. I always leave detailed notes and follow up with email recaps of our sessions to ensure retention of what was taught. Although, currently, Covid -19 is kinda making that tough. Hopefully this will be available again soon.

Remote Computer and Smartphone Support

Have you ever run into a tech issue that stopped your progress in its tracks and just needed someone to help you through it so you could continue working? Well your permission, I am able to connect to your computer or device from anywhere and I can quickly help you resolve your issue. Its like having me in your back pocket whenever you need me. 

Group Classes

(10 People Minimum)

Group classes are always a pleasure. Teaching classes up to 20 learners how to better utilize their iPhones. We cover everything from email to apps, camera functions to making the text larger. Themed courses allow those to focus on what they want to learn. Workbooks are provided to retain learning and alloted Q&A at the end helps everyone get the most out of their session.

... To Be Continued After Covid....



In Home Service

Custom Tech help right to your door,

7 days a week 7am - 7pm. 


per hour

*First 30 min Free for New Customers

Remote Service

Using a trusted service, I can see what you're seeing on your phone or computer and I can instruct you over the phone. Available 7 Days a week 7am - 7pm. 


30 min Session

Group Classes

Up to 20 people

(10 people minimum)

Group classes offered at various venues and can be offered at clients home to host friends


per student 

price includes lunch or wine, cheese and crackers (if were having that kind of party:-) )

VIP Membership $20 a Month

Membership includes 15% off home visits and remote sessions. Special Access to Tech Concierge service ready to answer any tech related questions via text 24/7 and will respond within an hour.